Solution Practices within AAA Infocom is a unique and comprehensive methodology that powers our technology practice areas. It is through these solution practice lines that we help you develop solid solution strategies backed with in an unparalleled portfolio of services, programs and expertise to accelerate your time to market and increase your profits with minimal investment and risk We help you determine which high-growth opportunities are right for your business, enable you with the right combination of training, sales and marketing, and partnership opportunities, and help you deliver the best possible solution to your customers.

Security and Networking

Security and Networking Solutions form AAA Infocom helps you deliver unparalleled results in the ever-changing security market through our portfolio of services, programs, expertise and partnerships with industry-leading technology suppliers. We enable you to deliver the key components of strategic solutions to ensure your customers are not impacted by security issues.AAA Infocom is your trusted source for leading security and networking solutions

AAA Infocom security products and services provide the following benefits:

* Help to prevent downtime from external threats, such as worm or denial-of-service attacks, allowing you to optimize your network's performance effectively.
* Defend your network from internal threats, through control and audit.
* Help to maintain your customer relationships, by ensuring that your on-line and mission-critical services are always available to them.
* Allow you to protect sensitive business-critical data, such as confidential, credit card and personal information/data.
* Simplify the management of your network security, even enabling you to selectively outsource the secure hosting and proactive monitoring of your network.
* Help to maintain compliance with your internal policies, eg filters can be set so that HR departments can access a particular site, but manufacturing cannot.
* Protect your network investment, by creating a solid platform which can integrate with both your current and future technologies.

Storage and Back up Solution

We provide secure storage and indexing of paper records, digital media and other business-critical information, including computer disks and tapes, optical disks, microfilm, audio and videotapes, and medical records.

Backup Solutions Support is always free, helpful and friendly. We don’t hide behind email but instead put our phone number on the top of every page.

Key Benefits:

• Faster backup and restores — Meet more aggressive backup windows, and restore your key applications in minutes, not days.
• Reduced backup windows — Minimize backup windows to reduce impact on your application and system availability.
• Reduced business risk — Restore data quickly and accurately with built-in hardware redundancy and RAID protection.
• More control — Protect key data with policy-based management of information retention and deletion.
• Improved IT efficiency — Save hours of staff time and boost user productivity.
• Reduced costs — Match infrastructure costs with changing information value via efficient, cost-effective tiered storage or low-cost monthly subscription services

Audio/Video Solution

AAA Infocom is certified professional which install and interconnect all audio visual system in timely professional manner.

Personalized Telecommunications:

We provide personalized service for each client. AAA Infocom represents over 120 different audio conferencing calls, video conferencing, web conferencing and telecommunication providers and companies. This means that we are able to offer incredible low wholesale rates for all of your business communications. Conference Calling Companies & Services AAA Infocom is a world class conference calling, telecommunications and video calls company and service provider. With over 15 years of experience, we are equipped to provide you with the best service in the industry! Let us take your company to the next level with the most affordable rates for Conference Calling Companies and Services, Web Conferencing Services, Web Collaboration Services, Video Conferencing, Video Bridging, and ISDN. Your business is our concern! Call Us Today!

Video Conferencing:

AAA Infocom provides the latest technology and offer top performing webinar online training services and web conferencing at the most competitive prices available. AAA Infocom also offers the flexibility of 15 different Web Conferencing products such as Web Ex, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Raindance, and other others. Instead of trying to make one platform work for all of your needs, you now have one source from which to choose the most effective solution(s) for each of your needs. We offer many of the top performing web and audio conferencing, webinar and online training services at some of the lowest prices available today.

Benefit for Rent

We adjust to meet your requirements, AAA Infocom offers a wide range of computer related equipment rental solutions and variety of products to cater for all type of businesses and Individuals as well, we listen to you and then put our know how into providing innovative, cost efficient hire solution for your requirements. If you interested in any rental product give us a call and find out how we can help today.

Benefit for Leasing

AAA Infocom was built on computer and technology leasing. If you are looking to lease computers for your business, then you have come to the right computer leasing company. At AAA Infocom, we can offer you excellent computer leasing options that rival anything offered by another computer leasing company. There are many benefits that come with leasing equipment for your business. First, there are tax benefits to leasing computer equipment (which can also include software financing options), and depending on the amount of equipment you are leasing, these tax benefits can be quite lucrative.

If you’re looking for an easy, cost effective network solution, Hardsoft Computers has the answer. We are one of the leading names in flexible IT leasing. We can supply a comprehensive network package to meet your IT needs.

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